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Crystals & Healing

Crystals & Gemstones

If you have always been fascinated by stones, you are not alone. Since the beginning, man has used stones for everything from sharpening tools and building structures to decorating homes and temples. Stones are still used to start fire today. At Chicory Hill Herbs, we offer hundreds of crystals and gemstones along with extensive knowledge about the various properties they possess.

Long valued for their beauty, gemstones have been featured in jewelry and personal accessories for centuries. At Chicory Hill, we offer loose, natural and tumbled crystals and gemstones as well as gemstone carvings and works of art. We also offer very reasonably priced crystal starter sets and intention-specific sets.

The Beauty of Gemstone Jewelry

Please stop by and see our extensive collection of jewelry and accessories. We carry a huge selection of styles perfect for gift giving or personal use.

Our Selection

+ Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper
+ Rings, Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings and Bracelets
+ Crystals, Gemstones, Worry Stones
+ Amulets, Pendulums, Prisms and Pyramids
+ Prayer Beads, Lockets

Herbal Supplements & Therapeutic Extracts (Tinctures)

Herbs are available in a variety of forms including; fresh or dried plants, essential oils, teas, capsules and extracts (tinctures). A tincture is defined as a liquid extract of an herb, alcohol and water. There are distinct advantages to using extracts (tinctures) vs. other forms of herbs. The main advantage being that the herb is captured when in its most potent medicinal state. The presence of alcohol helps to preserve potency.

Due to its liquid form, the herbs’ active ingredients are more easily absorbed into the blood stream and assimilated by the body. At Chicory Hill we offer extracts from sources that use only organically grown and/or ethically wild crafted herbs. We're proud to carry extracts from The Herbalist, Herb Pharm, and Eclectic Institute. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions you may have regarding the use of herbal extracts.

Great Gift Ideas

The owners and staff at Chicory Hill Herbs have great taste! Our eclectic and unique assortment of items makes our store a great place to find that perfect gift. We carry (literally) thousands of items. Shopping at Chicory Hill Herbs is like finding hidden treasure you didn’t know existed! Here’s a partial list of additional products we frequently offer:

+ Books & Audio CDs
+ Candles & Incense
+ Card Decks
+ Calendars
+ Salt Lamps
+ Singing Bowls
+ Handmade Treasure Boxes
+ Wall Art & Hangings
+ Smudge Materials
+ Carvings & Totems
+ Greeting Cards
+ Reference Guides
+ Bumper Stickers
+ Essential Oil Diffusers
+ Crystal Starter Kits
+ Journals & Coloring Books
+ Yoga & Meditation Items

Many of our items are one of a kind or unique and our inventory is constantly changing. Be sure to stop by and browse anytime – we’re always happy to see you!

We’re not currently offering any items for purchase online, but please be sure to check our All Products Search page to see more of what we have to offer! We’re currently hard at work adding our sizeable inventory to the database for customer convenience. We hope to have all items in the system by fall 2017.

Important Information

When considering herbs and tinctures, safe use should be first and foremost. If you are uncertain how to safely use any of our products, please let us know. Information shared is not intended to replace professional medical advice. In addition, we can't speak to competitor's products. We recognize that there are many other sources and places to purchase “herbs” and “tinctures”. However, we can only attest the purity of the products we carry.